LOT 36

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Delphine Lebourgeois

Title: mer des heureuses trouvailles

Giclee print on 310 gms archivable german etching paper, 28×45cm on A2, Edition 5/20

Estimate: £200


LOT 35

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Rob Payne

Title: 06 king

Archival Digital C-print Gloss, approx 100×80cm, 2008

Estimate: £400



LOT 34

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Rafa Castells

Title: Untitled

Polaroid SX600, Edition Unique, 8.9 x 10.8 cm / 3.5 x 4.25 in, signed

Estimate: £ 50

Born in Barcelona currently living in London. This Polaroid is from an intimate diary made between Alba Yruela and Rafa Castells.


LOT 33

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Eleanor Wemyss

Title: Missing Lady

two glass pieces with vitrious glass paint each11×17.5cm / 4.3×6.8in, Unique,  2008

Estimate: £ 250

Eleanor Wemyss’ practice has revolves  around the surfaces that she paints on, whether it be enamel or household paints on glass, her work has always been figurative until this year where she has been influenced greatly by her surroundings and has switched to the rich architecture of London. These two pieces of work came from a fashion show in Leeds in 2008, Eleanor used the property of glass paint on glass to re-form the figures in an uncontrolled manner. Her figures are generally made from drawn templates then the paint poured on top of them. The outcome of this process is always different meaning that every piece has its own character.
Eleanor Wemyss originally from London studied her Ba hons Fine Art in Leeds where she took part in her first show, ‘Situation Leeds’ in 2006, then in 2008 curated and exhibited in ‘The Fringe’ as part of Leeds Contemporary art fair. She then moved back to London to study at Byam Shaw where she curated and exhibited in ‘Oil Run’ in the summer of 2009. She recently took part in and co-curated in ‘New Work’ was to raise money for Haiti. Eleanor is also exhibiting in ‘In Memory of Light’ in March. at the Kingsgate Gallery, and ’subSTRATUM’ in May in the Islington Arts Factory.


LOT 32

Donated by the artist.

Artist collaboration between Amanda Ericsson (dress) and Roberto Rubalcava (image),

Title: dreamandawake Barbie Blues

Polaroid SX70, Edition Unique, 8.9 x 10.8 cm / 3.5 x 4.25 in, 2007 and original unique dress

Estimate: £ 200

Swedish designer/collector Amanda is the founder of dreamandawake. Dresses of yesterday are handpicked from around the world and redesigned into today. Transforming yesterdays dresses into today, for tomorrow. Each dress is unique and has been redesigned from an old dress into a new piece of garment.

Roberto was born in Mexico City and worked as a photographer in both Mexico and New York before moving permanently to London in 1999.His work has been published internationally and has been exhibited extensively in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Mexico City.


LOT 31

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Grant Parker

Title: Silverware

Hahenmühle FineArt Pearl, 285 gsm archival print, 27 x 36, 2007

Estimate: £ 50


LOT 30

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Lenka Rayn H

Title: Red Roof

Hahenmühle FineArt Pearl, 285 gsm archival printt,: 28 x 36, Edition 2 of 15, 2007, signed

Estimate: £ 150


LOT 29

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Paul Tecklenberg

Title: ‘Jack’

Unique hand printed silver gelatine photograom, 51×38 cm, 2000, signed

Estimate: £ 500

Paul Tecklenberg makes photographic images without camera, film or photographic negative. He ‘paints’ with light onto photographic paper using domestic objects as stencils to create haunting images that reveal what is beneath the surface and hidden from the naked eye. He has developed this technique over the last 15 years using a variety of objects such as Christmas trees, chandeliers, radiators, wedding dresses, maps, broken glasses, sugar sweets, wallpaper and ‘Yakult’ milk bottles.  For his most recent solo show Bodies & Anti-Bodies, he used the contents of the bathroom cabinet and kitchen cupboard to make art that resembled microscopic images, x-rays and scans.

Paul Tecklenberg studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and his tutors were Stuart Brisley, Tim Head, John Hilliard and Bruce McLean and in 2008 he was elected a life member of the London Group that was established in 1913. Paul has exhibited with England & Co since 2002 where he has been included in such shows as The Map Is Not The Territory I, II, III, Sartorial and After A Fashion. He also exhibits in Europe and USA and is  represented in New York by Central Bookings – NYC gallery .

“Jack” is from the series “Twelve Good Men and True”.


LOT 28

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Oliver Martin

Title: Sin Rumbo Tango Club, Argentina

Silver Gelatin Print, Baryta Base,20″ x16″, Edition 1/15, 2007, signed

Estimate: £ 275

From a series taken at Sin Rumbo Tango Club in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007.
Hand printed by Barbara Wilson e :


LOT 27

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Alba Yruela

Title: Untitled

Polaroid SX600, Edition Unique, 8.9 x 10.8 cm / 3.5 x 4.25 in, 2010, signed

Estimate: £ 50

Born in a little town in the north of Spain. This Polaroid is from a project/diary about her life.


LOT 26

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Paul Wakefield

Title: Beech Wood 1 Wales

Archival inkjet print, 24″x30″, Edition of 4/20, 2004, signed

Estimate: £ 400


LOT 25

Donated by the artist, courtesy of Rokeby (London)

Artist: Raul Ortega Ayala

Title: Two mugs cut and united to create a form

Ceramics, Edition of 2o, 30 x 12 x 10 cm / 12×4.7×4 in aprox, 2006

Estimate: £ 350

Raul Ortega Ayala’s art focuses on varied habitual themes, which he researches through a detailed and absorptive process for approximately a year. Once this process of exploration is over he uses the materials and experiences that he encounters to produce a group of what the artist calls, souvenirs, or components of a series.

Mexican-born Raul Ortega Ayala graduated in 2003 with an MFA from The Glasgow School of Art and Hunter College, NY.


LOT 24

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Kevin Griffin

Title: wave 3

Print type archival ink jet, size 38cm x 28cm,Year 2004

Estimate: £ 150

wave 3 is from the project Wave Studies..Wave Studies exhibited worldwide including Houston Fotofest,Texas and The Photographers Gallery London.


LOT 23

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Paolo Giardi

Title: Art de Vivre – Mix and Match Accident Ensemble

Artist Proof Archival inkjet print on acid free Silk Coated paper 271 g.32,8×48 cm, 2009, signed

Estimate: £ 140

Paolo Giardi works across a variety of disciplines producing art that explores the tecnique of the montage. This has led to a fascination with, and exploration of, the languages of citation, allusion and adaptation. Through the exercise of association, he simultaneously attemps to manipulate and transport existing images out of their original context, blurring the experiences of memory and perception. His characters, like in a Beckett play, seems always absorbed by a stage they do not belong to.

The sense of displacement, generated by a combination of different and yet vaguely familiar idioms, recognisable imagery and more graphic and abstract elements, evokes the nature of a forgotten or distant memory. What lays before our eyes becomes a hieroglyph to be decifered and such imagery could be at once amusing and alarming to the viewer.


LOT 22

Donated by the artist.

Artist: James Knowles

Title: El Arte Del Sonido (The art of sound)

Geecle on “Somerset Velvet” water colour fine art paper, 60 x 75 cm , Original Oil Painting 2007 (Printed 2009)

Estimate: £ 120

“To know me better is to become familiar with my paintings, my words will only complicate things.”


LOT 21

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Tom Stoddart

Title: Land ladies – Slovakia

Digital, 24×20, 2008, signed

Estimate: £ 350

Tom Stoddart began his photographic career on a local newspaper in his native North-East of England. In 1978 he moved to London and began working freelance for publications such as the Sunday Times and Time Magazine. - During a long and varied career he has witnessed such international events as the war in Lebanon, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the election of President Nelson Mandela, the bloody siege of Sarajevo and the wars against Saddam Hussein in Iraq. In 1997 Tony Blair gave Stoddart exclusive behind the scenes access to his election campaign, as Labour swept to victory after 18 years of Conservative government. His recent extensive work on the catastrophic AIDS pandemic blighting Africa has been widely published and exhibited.

Now established as one of the worlds most respected photojournalists, Stoddart is represented by, and works closely with Getty Images, to produce powerful photo-essays on the serious world issues of our time.


LOT 20

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Jennifer Hegarty

Title:  Untitled

6×4in, Unique,  2008

Estimate: £ 180

This series of work (Nov.2007) began when I became intrigued with deconstructing tiny brown card boxes (6×3 inches), originally meant for packaging or as a container. I chose to use square boxes or panels to give the overall composition a geometric structure that contained the layers of colour and texture. I dismantled 3-dimensionals boxes to create a flat surface to work on. Initially I treated each square individually whilst considering the placement of its neighboring panel. However I work quite freely and am inclined to be less rigid, so I allowed the medium merge from one square to the other; the fluidity of the substance or matter overcoming its confinement. On further thought I found this to be a personal metaphor. As my work is a form of personal expression, an interpretation of our everyday surroundings and production of a physical and visual response to them. It is partially a visual journey, observing, recording, collecting, documenting and expressing acquired information.
It is also a personal narrative primarily concerned with the emotional interpretation of our individual environmental and behavioural characteristics.


LOT 19

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Helen McEwen

Title: Roses

Hahenmühle FineArt Pearl, 285 gsm archival print, 28 x 27, 2006

Estimate: £50


LOT 18

Donated by the artist.

Artist:  Zulfiya

Title: Throne

watercolor 55×36.5cm / 21.7×14.4in, Unique,

Estimate: £ 60


LOT 17

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Vera Kodajova

Title:  Conkers

Archive Print (Hahnemuhle Fine Art Matt paper),aprox 21 x29 cm, edition of 25, 2007

Estimate: £ 105

Vera is a still life photographer based in London. She set up her own studio in 2005 and since then worked on many advertising campaigns and editorial commissions both for UK and worldwide markets. She is now represented by UK and French agents.
Vera’s work is known for its simplicity and iconic visualisation, and for showing the less ordinary side of the most ordinary objects. Her work treads a fine line between the figurative and the abstract. Her love of colour and contrast adds further dimensions to her photography, and her attention to detail is a dominant feature throughout.


LOT 16

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Cristina Saez

Title: Evening Reds

Lambada Print,  50×50cm / 20×20in, Edition 2 of 10,  2007

Estimate: £ 330

Cristina Sáez was born in Bilbao (Spain) and lives and works in London since 2001. In 2006 she completed an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London and she is currently a Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths’ Centre for Visual Anthropology. Her photography and animation work has been shown in London and Europe, US and Morocco.

“Evening Reds” is part of ‘The Holga Diaries’, and ongoing series which employs low-tech analogue photographic techniques to reveal alternative views of everyday spaces and journeys.


LOT 15

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Pawel Skawinski

Title: Caveman

Giclee Print Hahnemühle Rag Satin 310 gsm 100% Cotton,  21.0×29.7cm / 8.3×11.8in,  2010, Limited Edition 02/30

Estimate: £ 150

Slides” are made of various materials that are melted together in temperature of 1400 C degrees. Designs are displayed on the wall via analog projector – then triggered by the auto-focus mode, what in result you get 3D moving image that  – “breathes”.

“This free arts – is a fusion of colors and shapes creates visuals that are triggered by your mind and filtered by your soul. What you see totally depends on you – what you see is yourself.  I am not the one who tells you what to “see” –just stay in tune with the illusion – listen to your imagination and discover your own talent of perception.”


LOT 14

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Beate Sonnenberg

Title: intimacy with the ordinary  no. 02

Giclee Print Hahnemühle Rag Satin 310 gsm 100% Cotton, each images: 55×36.5cm / 21.7×14.4in,  2008

Estimate: £ 220

This diptych is part of a series called intimacy with the ordinary. In this body of work I am investigating the mystery of the random everyday moments. By intuitively pairing the images, they both contrast and compliment each other. This created tension underlines the purity, simplicity and beauty of the everyday.


LOT 13

Donated by the artist.

Artist: John Offenbach

Title: California Lake

Print Type: inkjet print on DaVinci Paper, Using K3 Ultrachrome Inks, approx 46 x37 cm /18×14.5in, 2005

Estimate :  £100


LOT 12

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Jess Down

Title: Crazy Horse

Limited edition screen print which was done for the Paris Crazy Horse’s 40th anniversary signed by the late owner Alan Bernadine and Artist, 55cm -75cm /22×30in

Estimate :  £ 100


LOT 11

Donated by the Artist.

Artist: Kate Peters

Title: Man on Wall, Mumbai

Print Type: Archival Lamda, Size: 76cm x 112cm / 30×40in approx, Edition of 9, 2008

Estimate :  £ 400

Kate was born in Coventry, England in 1980. She studied Photography at Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall.  After completing her degree she moved to London where she spent 4 years assisting photographer Nadav Kander.  She now works on her own projects and commissions. In 2009 Kate received Best in Book award in Creative Review‘s Photography annual and an Art’s Council Grant for the production of a new series. She was a Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Winner in 2007. Exhibitions include Photocinema at the Format Photography festival and Projected Landscapes at the Architectural


LOT: 10

Donated by the artist

Artist: Lina Scheynius

Title: self portrait from Marseille 2007

Polaroid 667, Edition Unique, 8.5 x 10.8cm / 3,4×4.25in, 2007

Estimate: £ 100

Lina Scheynius (1981) is a self taught photographer currently living and working in Paris. Her work has been exhibited in groupshows in New York, Paris, Dublin and Örebro last year. She has also contributed to fashion work in Another magazine, Another man and Dazed and Confused and Elle. Her work is mainly based around her everyday life.


LOT 09

Donated by the artist

Artist: Tim Bowditch

Title: From the series A Fleeting Innocence

Digital C type, Fuji Crystal Archive Matt, Image size 35×35cm, on 40.64×50.8cm / 16×20in paper, 2008

Estimate: £ 85

Tim Bowditch (1986) is a recent graduate now living and working in London.  This particular image is from the series ‘A Fleeting Innocence’, normally displayed as duratrans on light boxes.  The theme, as with most of my work is transition.  When I decided to leave my childhood home of Guernsey for a life in London, I used my last week on the island to take stock of what i had and what i was sacrificing.  The locations are not specific but rather commonplace, motifs such as rope swings stir notions of a carefree childhood tinged with an air of foreboding at the prospect of imminent change.


LOT 08

Donated by the artist, courtesy of  

Artist: Tom Hull

Title: ‘Trailer’

Ultra chrome inkjet print, 51×41cm / 20 x 16 in, Edition of 30, 2009

Estimate: £100

From the artist: “In May I took a month away from working in London to make some personal work and to visit my sister, who was living in Vancouver for two years. This shot was taken whilst on a car journey between Vancouver City and Whistler. We travelled up to Whistler to go snowboarding for four days and whilst on the coach journey from Vancouver to Whistler, I saw some amazing scenery and really wanted to go back to explore it for myself.

“I hired a car and we drove up towards Whistler, following a very similar route to the coach. Undeterred by the rain, we soldiered on and discovered a few of the places we had passed previously. As we were searching I decided to take a few ‘wrong’ turns off the main road. We drove up into the hills to discover an amazing, hidden little town, mostly made up of newly built, pretty awful, but strange-looking, houses. I drove on for a bit and came across this amazing trailer caravan, beautifully nestled into the typically Canadian backdrop of pines, mountains and wet weather! I just loved the loneliness and serenity of such a grey scene, made all the better by the white Jaguar, a car I used to love as a kid! I wanted to shoot it in a slightly voyeuristic way, as that is a little how I felt, spying on these people’s humble home – but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity!”


LOT: 07

Donated by the artist

Artist: André Lichtenberg

Title: Red Buses – from the Vertigo Series

Archival Giclee Print on fine art Hahnemühle paper, 60.00 x 50.00cm / 24×20in app., Edition: 2/20, 2008

Estimate: £ 300

Andre Lichtenberg fine art photography captures the ordinary with an extra ordinary perception. His observations of our contemporary world often seem hyper real, atmospheric and filmic. His images have been selected for several International Awards and been exhibited in prestigious art spaces in London (Photographers Gallery, Barbican Center…) and Brazil (Museum da Republica, Centro Cultural Sao Paulo). His personal work have been published internationally and appeared in UK publications including: The Sunday Times magazine (Spectrum), Conde Nast Traveller and the Sunday Observer.

Andre was born on Brazil and has been living in UK for over 20 years. He’s graduated in 1997 with a MA in Photographic Studies (University of Westminster – London).


LOT: 06

Donated by the artist

Artist: Lionel Noel Deluy

Title: Johnny Rotten

Giclee Print Hahnemühle Rag Satin 310 gsm 100% Cotton, 55×36.5cm / 21.7×14.4in, 2008

Estimate: £ 100


LOT: 05

Donated by the artist

Artist: Spencer Murphy

Title: Andy At The Abandoned Airfield

Digital C-type, Edition of 18, 101.6 x 76.2 cm / 40 x 30 in, 2009

Estimate: £ 400

Spencer lives and works in London, dividing his time between taking on photographic commissions, creating his own artwork and lecturing on photography at University College Falmouth.  He was shortlisted for the Hyeres festival in 2008 and the National Portrait Gallery Photographic Portrait Prize (now Taylor Wessing) in 2006, 2008 and 2009. His work has appeared in many magazines, including The Sunday Telegraph – Seven Magazine, The Guardian Weekend and Monocle Magazine.


LOT: 04

Donated by the artist.

Artist: Noma Bar

Title: Negative Space

Book, 28×21,5 cm, signed, 2009

Estimate: £12

noma bar


LOT 03

Donated by the Artist

Artist: Caroline Jane Harris
Title: Drawing for ’The Space Between’
Media: Hand-cut paper-cut on foamboard, Unique, Size: 40×50cm / 16×20in, April 2009

Estimate: £ 75

This piece is a preliminary drawing for large-scale hand-cut paper installation, which I exhibited in June 2009. Through the process of photography, digital manipulation and hand-cutting I realise my work. The notion of hand-cutting my pieces is imporant to me as it gives me time to contemplate meaning in my work and fall into a meditative state. I believe that in cutting by hand the viewer can identify with taking time over something precious and appreciating the virtues of patience.
I am interested in Eastern art’s representation of divine beauty. In my work I reference the chinese philosophy of ‘Yin and Yang’, which describes how seemingly disjunct or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn. I find myself fascinated by the re-occuring patterns in the natural world, which I come to understand through Ancient Greek schema of microcosm and macrocosm.


LOT: 02

Donated by the artists

Artist: Wayne Parker

Title: Window

Type: Hahenmühle FineArt Pearl, 285 gsm archival print, 35 x 28.5, Edition 2 of 15, 2004

Estimate: £ 150


LOT: 01

Donated by the artist

Artist: Roberto Rubalcava

Title: we are just a wave in the ocean

Giclee Print Hahnemühle Rag Satin 310 gsm 100% Cotton, 55×36.5cm / 21.7×14.4in,  2008

Estimate: £ 150

Roberto Rubalcava’s art photography focuses on every day themes, which he researches through “as I walk as I shoot”. Taking every day as an opportunity to explore beauty. Roberto was born in Mexico City (1969) and worked as a photographer in both Mexico and New York before moving permanently to London in 1999. His work has been published internationally and has been exhibited extensively in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Mexico City.